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Buckeye Ridge Bernedoodles

There is no substitute for perfection.

Currently Available Puppies

 The following puppies are currently available to the public. If you are interested in getting a puppy now, instead of going on our waitlist, please text Angie at 740-297-9310 or Paul at 740-856-7068. These puppies are First Come. First Served. Thanks!

Kona Dark Blue Collar Female

This petite gal is the smallest of the litter, but we think she has the biggest heart of the whole pack. No matter what she always shares her toys and cuddles with her siblings. 

Kona Brown Collar Male

This handsome guy is the leader and "protector" of the pack...with four sisters you kind of have to be. He is the first to investigate anything new. He loves to cuddle with his sisters but is also always the last to bed (he always has to make sure the girls are ok first). 

Kona Light Purple Collar Female

You can always find this comical gal playing. She's the first to find the new toys. She never misses a chance to earn treats by trying to learn new commands. 

Gracie Orange Collar Female

This girl is our sweet cuddle bug. She never misses an opportunity to curl up and take a nap with a sibling, be it a human sibling or a fur sibling. 

Gracie Yellow Collar Female

This sweet gal is our shy cuddly puppy. She, like her orange collar sister, loves to cuddle up for long naps. She enjoys playing outside and running around in the grass. 

Joy Black Collar Male

The most active of the group! He is always jumping and playing and full of energy. He loves to always play with his brothers and sisters!

Joy Light Purple Female

This gal is the boss of the group. She's ornery, smart, and playful. She makes sure all of her siblings get along. 

Joy Orange Collar Male

This handsome guy is quiet, kind of shy, but very loving. He loves to hang back and watch his siblings play. 

Joy Light Blue Collar Male

The most vocal of the group and wants to be held all the time! He is sweet, playful, and quite the drama king.

Joy Dark Purple Female

This sweet gal is very playful and tough. She loves to be held and snuggled. 

Joy Red Collar Male

This handsome guy is the loner of the group. He is very quiet and stays to himself. He loves to cuddle with his human siblings. 

Joy Dark Blue Male

This comedic guy is the goofball of the group. He is funny, playful and loves jumping around with his brothers and sisters. He is very loving when playing with smaller-sized littermates.